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April 14, 2011


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Can you qualify "Thinkpad keyboard" a bit more? What is it about those keyboards specifically? Layout? Mechanism? Clit mouse?


What about perltidy? I'm interested about the keyboard part as well.

Steffen Mueller

PPIx::EditorTools has some useful PPI based tools for editing Perl code. Text::FindIndent hooked into an on-open-event of your editor can prevent co-workers from getting upset at you for screwing up their sacred indentation.


There are at least three Emacs Perl modes on CPAN: Emacs::PDE, Devel::PerlySense, and Sepia, each with its own guiding philosophy. Also, Emacs' built-in flymake seems to hook into "perl -c", though I don't use it.

Chip  Salzenberg

I've elaborated on the virtues of ThinkPad keyboards in a new post: http://chip.typepad.com/weblog/2011/04/thinkpad-keyboards.html

Thanks much for the pointers to Text::FindIndent, Emacs::PDE, Devel::PerlySense, Sepia, and flymake. I'll check them out.

Chip  Salzenberg

As for perltidy, I have never enjoyed working with automated layout systems. Smart editors, sure. But (1) any code so messed up that you need an indenter to read it probably isn't worth reading. Seriously. and (2) I follow TomC's maxim that logically parallel constructs should be visually parallel as well, and automatic indenters ruin that.

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