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April 15, 2011


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Account Deleted

100% spot on for me as well. When I started my current job, I had a choice between a MacBook Pro and a ThinkPad, and upon seeing all my co-workers using the mac, I went with it. BIG MISTAKE.

This MBP laptop has a lot going for it, but the keyboard is *not* among its highlights. I hadn't had much need to use my old ThinkPad R61 for a while but I recently fired it up and was blown away by how much better it was with the keyboard and trackpoint. I felt... home. I actually *wanted* to keep hacking - my wrists weren't beginning to feel sore after a few hours...

Apple gets a lot of things right with its hardware so this particular failure stands out big time. Solid chassis, quiet fans and disks, gorgeous screen, excellent speakers, terrific battery life, just enough ports (OK, one more USB would be nice, but I can get a hub if I need it) and the trackpad has a great feel and multi-touch scrolling/zooming/etc really is nice... and then there's the keyboard with its flat, wobbly, chicklet-style keys with flimsy rubber dome contacts underneath. I love the backlighting, but would gladly give that up for a decent keyboard. For god's sake, it's the part of the computer I *physically* interface with. It *needs* to be *good.*

Chip  Salzenberg

"Flat, wobbly, chicklet-style keys with flimsy rubber dome contacts" ... thank you for giving our pain a name. That's exactly how it breaks down. So to speak.

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I should also mention that Toshiba makes/made a black shiny keyboard for some of its models (e.g. Satellite A300) that has very nice travel and resistance qualities as well. But then you're stuck with a trackbad

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