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September 07, 2011


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I disagree with your view about UNIX unification of interfaces as fd.

I think of that as a object-oriented approach to the problem. All of those concepts use fd's to share the common most basic operations (open, read, write, close) with a well defined and common interface.

Then you can introspect the real type of the generic file with stat(), for each type a set of extra operations is available, just like you would with a subclass.

Best regards,

Chip  Salzenberg

I did say that fds fall under the Utility Corollary. If you could know that every fd was a plain file, would your fd-manipulating code be simpler? Of course. So that's the Pretense Rule at work. But for the sake of utility Unix (and even more Plan 9) extended fds to cover lots of non-file things. The loss of simplicity is acceptable.

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